Silhouettes of the Crowds

Soundlive Music Concert Promoter & Event Organizer


SOUNDLIVE was initiated by the persons who founded GUDLIVE a few years before, they were Vega Weling and Iyus Beelovo. 

GUDLIVE entered the music concert business and took part in this astonishing industry for the first time in 2017, put on an act in collaboration with fellow promoter brought international band PARAMORE to Jakarta. Unfortunately, the show had to be rescheduled due to the health issue of one of the band’s personnel. Due to this situation, GUDLIVE decided to pull out from the collaboration and took a break for a consolidation to set up plans for the next.

After a pretty long hiatus, in the end of 2018 GUDLIVE started a collaboration with Teras Konser to bring the Irish band, KODALINE to Jakarta in 2019. It was a fantastic successful show that attended by more than 5000 spectators at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. 

The next few months, another collaboration had been made. That time with Vizion Vibe for several events. From that moments on, GUDLIVE blossomed out as a promoter that consistently hold concerts that can be enjoyed not only by the people from Indonesia but other countries as well. All the efforts that have been carried out, made GUDLIVE widely known by public. 

In 2019, GUDLIVE held GUDFEST, a music festival which successfully combining Korean and Western artists from various music genre on the same stage for the first time in one festival. 

Due to some issues in 2020, Vega and Iyus, the key people behind GUDLIVE's success decided to leave GUDLIVE and established SOUNDLIVE. And the journey begin.